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"Our life’s Aspiration – is to be honest and sincere in the art, to which we devoted our whole life, and where very often we can see the lack of attention, including financial attention, which can reflect very negatively on the present and future of an artist. We will try to unite our Aspiration and the Aspiration of people, who aren’t indifferent to our plight and passion, pointing them in the direction, where they can help." - Olga Kern, President of the Aspiration foundation.  


Our scholar, Jeffrey Chin, was accepted to the Juilliard School, Pre - College Division for the next year. 

We are proud of you, Jeffrey! 

The First Olga Kern International Piano Competition in New Mexico, USA. 

Foundation "Aspiration" will work closely with The First Olga Kern International Piano Competition in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA (November 2016). 
Our foundation will award the special prize to one of the competition finalists. 

2016 International Keyboard Odyssiad & Festival in Forth Collins. "Aspiration" continue to collaborate with Odyssiad - Olga & Vladislav Kern played a benefit concert for the foundation "Aspiration", Olga awarded a special prize to the winner of each category of the competition. 

2015 "Amadeus" International Piano Competition in Brno, Czech Republic. President of the foundation Olga Kern awarded a special prize to the winner of the competition.  

The special prize from the foundation was awarded to the young talented pianist Anastasia Klyuchereva. 

All incomes from the concert was contributed to the foundation "Aspiration" needs. The recipients of the special awards from the foundation were following - James Chungyue Tien, Takeshi Shoyama, Benjamin Gittens, Daria Kiseleva.